Scienlab is now part of Keysight Technologies

Component solutions

As an innovative technology company, Scienlab engineering center is committed to the task of actively shaping the future in the area of electric mobility. Our portfolio is made up of the components for the electric drive train and the corresponding charging. The focus here is on delivering the optimal solution for our customers from the automotive and industrial worlds.

Our mission is to ensure that our customers can use each and every component directly and effectively. We therefore always keep in mind the overall system in which the Scienlab component solutions will be used.

We believe that to produce superior components, everything from the concept to the finished product must take place under one roof. That is why we concentrate our know-how at our location in Bochum – for premium products “made in Germany”. We are also working with the experts from the ruhrvalley network to offer other solutions beyond our components.

Scienlab’s component solutions for electric drive trains and the corresponding charging process give our customers the edge. Our portfolio can be summed up by the following keywords: charging technology, power electronics, battery systems, and control units.

We value the highest quality. The foundation for this is our extensive experience as a developer and producer of test solutions in the area of electromobility. We also use our own proprietary test systems to comprehensively verify and validate our components.

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