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Battery systems

Modern vehicles and machines are looking to electrification to prepare for the future and profit from many advantages. The energy storage plays an important role here, and therefore is subject to a range of different requirements. As well as storage systems with maximum energy density in the available installation space, special applications also call for battery systems capable of supplying a burst of high power. Batteries – whether for mobile or stationary applications – are also subject to environmental influences like temperature, humidity, and vibrations that can affect the service life and operation of vehicles and machines.

Scienlab offers its customers battery systems that replace lead acid batteries in machinery, for example, on the basis of platforms developed in-house. These can also be adapted to customers’ specific wishes, if so desired. The same goes for the Modular battery system, which is ideal for making the best use of challenging installation spaces.

When it comes to developing and testing its battery systems, Scienlab benefits from many years of experience as an expert in test solutions for energy storage and battery management systems. The Scienlab Battery Systems are certified to UN 38.3. The development and production of Scienlab component solutions meet the requirements of quality management in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015.

We have also partnered with the testing specialist Voltavision for comprehensive verification and validation of our products.

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