Scienlab is now part of Keysight Technologies

Modular lithium-ion battery systems

Flexible use of installation spaces

Scienlab offers a battery solution for precise tailoring to the customer’s application. It is based on a flexible battery platform, on which a modular solution is cost-effectively and quickly implemented for the customer. This approach makes the best use of even small or angled installation spaces. The modular solution enables the battery system to be scaled, including subsequently. The flexible structure of the systems is made possible by the fact that Scienlab handles all development, production, and validation of battery systems and the associated battery management system (BMS) itself in-house. This expertise means that not just standard systems, but also customer-specific requirements, can be incorporated into suitable products.


  • Design flexibility for different installation spaces
  • Fast and cost-effective implementation
  • Complete system including integrated battery management system adapted to the modules
  • Comprehensive safety functions, tested and verified with the Scienlab test systems
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