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Charging technology

All charging components at a glance

Charging an electric vehicle requires numerous components. Both the transmission of the power and the communication between the components must work smoothly for successful charging of the vehicle.

Charging starts with the charging infrastructure, usually a charging column. It draws power from the mains supply and delivers it, together with the necessary communication, to the vehicle. Various international standards and charging methods enable the vehicle to be charged using different charging interfaces. Power and communication are transmitted via these interfaces using a communication module and battery provided in the vehicle. Depending on the charging method, the vehicle may also need an on-board charger. Scienlab offers component solutions that keep an eye on the network of individual elements:
The Scienlab AC/DC Converter can be used for the power electronics and the Scienlab V2G ComModule can be used as a communication module for the charging column. The Scienlab On-Board Charger combines power electronics and communication and can be integrated in the vehicle as a component.

Scienlab takes account of all pertinent international norms and standards for charging technology such as PWM or high-level communication via PLC. The products are also comprehensively verified and validated using Scienlab’s extensive testing experience.

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