Scienlab is now part of Keysight Technologies

Power electronics

Scienlab offers power electronic components for mobile and stationary applications. The high-voltage components offer voltage of up to 1000 V, current of up to 450 A, and power of up to 360 kW.

Our power electronics products are based on a modular architecture. The components are also optimized for the specific requirements of the various applications, for example 24/7 operation for stationary applications or strong temperature fluctuations in mobile applications.

In order to meet our objective of making premium products for our customers, we regularly put our portfolio to the test. The use of the silicon carbide semiconductor technology therefore means that we do not need to use liquid-cooled systems, even with high power levels. Industry-specific communication interfaces like CAN, Ethernet, FlexRay, or LIN are implemented as a matter of course. The components can be provided in a bidirectional design on request, and are comprehensively verified and validated using the proven Scienlab test systems.

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