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Scienlab electronic systems was founded in 2001 in Bochum by Christoph Dörlemann, Peter Muß, Michael Schugt and Roger Uhlenbrock.

Christoph Dörlemann

Technology Center
The “Technology Center” business division is the heart of Scienlab: this is where our colleagues work interdisciplinary and in close cooperation on new products. All the steps take place under one roof – from the first concept design through to hardware, firmware and software development and production. The result are constantly new innovations and Christoph Dörlemann is significantly shaping and controlling the output with his impulses.

Peter Muß

Controlling & Consulting
Peter Muß understands his work as being a networker: he is the idea provider for the project managers and engineers at Scienlab. Because he has the overview of all developed and planned Scienlab products, he is involved in advancing them further and is indispensable as internal consultant. Although his main focus is on technical controlling accompanying development. He is also asked for advice with complex customer requests to develop joint solutions.

Michael Schugt

Managing Director
In the business division “Technology” Michael Schugt has control of the whole variety of Scienlab projects. He is the central, internal contact person for current customer projects, internal development projects and the Service & Support department that is available to all customers as a point of contact for any technical queries. Further development of the Ruhr region is very important to Michael Schugt: in addition to his scientific commitment, it is in his interest to see further development in the metropolitan region, in particular in the area of electric mobility.

Roger Uhlenbrock

Managing Director
Sales & Administration
Roger Uhlenbrock acts as an interface of Scienlab to the market and the customers. The focus of his work is on the close coordination with customers and prospects. He is therefore always well informed about current trends in the industry, about what kind of component solutions are sought and which test requirements are laid down for these. Moreover, he is responsible for the back office at Scienlab, from quality management to finance - the foundation on which the Scienlab product developers can go about their work fluently.
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