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Testing the charging system of the electric vehicle

Independent interoperability testing of the electric vehicle and its charging system

A successful charging of the battery in the electric vehicle (EV) involves a large number of components – from the charging cable through the on-board charger and/or inverter to the HV battery and the associated battery management system.

During the process of development and production, the car suppliers or manufacturers need to test the various components. Scienlab offers the technical solutions for realistically emulating the various forms of vehicle charging. The ChargingDiscoverySystem can emulate a charging column or a regional grid and is freely programmable and configurable by means of the ChargingDiscover PC software during the tests. That is because the ChargingDiscoverySystem can control an AC or a DC power source as required.

That means it is also possible to test the electric vehicle with regard to communication and power according to international norms. Furthermore, the Scienlab test systems can also be used to carry out workshop analyses.

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