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Charging Discovery System

Testing charging function and interoperability

Scienlab offers a modular test environment for EV and EVSE charging systems from mobile use to comprehensive application in the laboratory. As the central element, the Charging Discovery System (CDS) emulates the charging communication of the EV or EVSE. At the same time, the electrical parameters are measured and tested for compliance with norms. Test sequences can be defined freely and subsequently performed manually or automatically via the Charging Discover PC software. The CDS also assumes synchronized triggering of additional power sources and sinks.

Possible areas of application

  • Independent function tests of the charging interface of EV and EVSE
  • Verification of charging columns, wall boxes and vehicles for compliance with norms
  • Testing of interoperability during charging, during development in the laboratory, in the field as well as in the workshop by means of guided field tests
  • Verification of charging components for international markets through emulation of international charging communication standards and low-voltage grids
  • Targeted and reproducible testing of EV and EVSE fault response
  • Holistic verification of the charging interface by addition of AC and/or DC power sources/sinks


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