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Direct Injection Control Unit Basic

Replacing the triggering of injectors

Component level testing before the overall system is available delivers significant time and quality gains in the development process. It is therefore beneficial in the field of fuel injection to start optimizing piezo injectors before the control unit is available. Common requirements within the framework of these tests are emulating different series-production amplifiers, using customer-specific signal shapes and freely defining the injection curves of the injectors.

The benefits of the Direct Injection Control Unit (DICU) Basic at a glance

  • Transparent analysis of the combustion process through replacement of the control unit
  • Easy examination of the spray pattern
  • Ensure quality in development and production through ongoing analysis
  • Quality assurance and specification of piezo injectors using the high-precision amplifier concept
  • Integrated, digital signal processing
  • Flexible use: standalone system with operation directly on the device or integration into an existing test bench automation system


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