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Direct Injection Control Unit

Flexible testing options

There are numerous advantages to replacing the series-production control unit, for example conducting flexible tests in order to characterize actuators and injectors independently of the series-production control unit. The Direct Injection Control Unit (DICU) from Scienlab is designed for this purpose and, depending on the customer’s requirement, can be used as an individual unit or integrated into an automation system. It permits flexible triggering of the actuators and injectors, both on the test bench and with the combustion engine running, using multiple injection or operation with internal, external or crankshaft angle-based triggers. The DICU can be optionally equipped with the Scienlab software InjectorDiscover for user-friendly parameterization and evaluation of the tests.

Testing the piezoelectric actuator and injector
In order to trigger the piezoelectrically operated injectors and thus generate injection profiles, the control unit is designed during the development phase to give injector and engine developers the greatest possible degrees of freedom.
This permits targeted optimization of the injectors and engines before the series-production control unit is available.

The charge-based precision amplifier concept of the DICU enables developers to ensure quality during production by simultaneously triggering and analyzing the actuators and injectors. It also makes it possible to specify the actuators at the test bench during an early stage of development. By using data records any current curves can be easily and flexibly transferred to the DICU and be modified there. The actuators and injectors can be triggered in both normal and inverse mode.

Testing the electromagnetic actuator and injector
Comprehensive testing of the electromagnetically operated actuators (the so-called solenoid injectors) is important in all stages of development from characterization through to end-of-line testing in production. The DICU can replace the control unit of the electromagnetic injectors here. The DICU can be used, for example, in assuring the quality of injectors or engines in production as well as in developing injectors and control units.

The user needs as much flexibility as possible during final inspection of combustion engines in order to trigger the operated magnetic valves and generate injection profiles. The DICU makes it possible to optimize the actuators and engines even before the series-production control unit is manufactured. Multiplexer technology enables up to 12 injectors to be triggered with one power amplifier.

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