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Durability Test System

Endurance test for actuators and overall system

Testing the actuators
Durability and performance capability are also decisive for the high quality of actuators. Therefore, endurance tests are conducted during series production and the tolerances of certain parameters monitored.

The Durability Test System supports this process with accelerated aging and durability tests of the DUT. It emulates the control unit by simulating the output currents of common series control units within the framework of a test program. Due to the high flexibility of the hardware and software components, the test procedure can be adapted to different injectors and ECU strategies. The Durability Test System is controlled and parameterized via the intuitive Scienlab software Piezo Discover II.

The integration of a climate chamber or the extension of a test equipment verification unit to perform a fully automated test of all relevant measuring and control functions is possible on request.

Testing the overall system
As well as testing individual components, overall system testing is decisively important when it comes to testing to standards or testing of individually defined driving cycles.

The Durability Test System developed and produced by Scienlab verifies the complete fuel injection system, including injectors, common rail and high pressure pump, with the aid of the Scienlab software Piezo Discover II. In addition to this, all amplifiers can be operated synchronously and asynchronously and additional control variables such as rail pressure and temperature can be integrated in the system. On request it is possible to use a climate chamber and also to integrate the test system in a comprehensive test bench automation system.


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