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Dynamic AC Emulator

The Scienlab Dynamic AC emulator can be used primarily as a freely programmable AC power source to emulate global low-voltage grids. Due to their inherent energy regenerative function and bi-directionality, testing of vehicle-to-grid scenarios is also possible. A large bandwidth enables emulation of major grid disturbances according to the IEC/EN 61000-4 series of norms.

The Dynamic AC Emulator also provides a DC option with which all charging modes can be mapped in a single device. The following operating modes can therefore be configured:

  • AC voltage source for the emulation of global grids such as EU, US, Japan
  • AC power source for the emulation of active bi-directional loads (e.g. charger)
  • DC voltage source with current limit for the emulation of sources (e.g. DC charging column) and sinks (e.g. lithium-ion battery pack)

The system is characterized by maximum measuring and control accuracy and a high level of efficiency. Thanks to the modular design, subsequent power enhancements by parallel connection of two emulators are also possible. All Scienlab emulators use an active front end and are energy-regenerative by default, bi-directional and highly efficient. Depending on the performance class and customer requirements, cooling is provided via an integrated water/water-heat exchanger or purely passive via roof vents.

  Dynamic AC Emulator
Output power ±10 kW, ±20 kW, ±40 kW
AC Operation  
Voltage (single-phase) 5...250 Veff
Voltage (three-phase) 5...480 Veff
Fundamental frequency 40...70 Hz
Max. current (single-phase) 50 A, 100 A, 200 A
Max. curent (three-phase) 16 A, 32 A, 63 A
DC Operation  
Output voltage -, 50...600 V, 50...600 V
Output current -,±100 A, ±200 A
Measuring accurancy  
Voltage ±0,05 % measuring value
±200 mV
Current ±0,05 % measuring value
±120 mA
Energy conversion efficiency > 85 %
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