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Dynamic DC Emulator

The major challenge in developing and producing electronic systems is having to comply with different standards worldwide in order to guarantee faultless operation. The steady growth of the electric mobility segment also means an increasing focus on communication between the vehicle and charging infrastructure. The Dynamic DC Emulator (DCE) can emulate both the vehicle and the charging infrastructure,
which means that not only the communication but also power flows can be tested under realistic conditions during development. With the DCE as a freely programmable power source and sink, the system can cover all applications in the automotive and industrial fields as an all-in-one system. With this solution, Keysight offers a flexible and efficient high-end product which is developed and produced at our Bochum site, deploying our long-standing expertise and patented solutions in the field of power electronics.


  • Efficient testing of power electronics and charging technology
  • Available for high-voltage as well as 48 V applications
  • Energy-efficient source and sink mode
  • Real-time capable, open interface
  • Power increase through parallelization


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