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Machine Emulator

For thorough testing of inverters, it is necessary to extensively emulate the electric machine. The Scienlab Machine Emulator thus provides the facility for stressing the inverter using predefined load cycles in conjunction with the Scienlab Dynamic DC Emulator.

A variety of machines (e.g. PMSM, ASM or induction machines) can be realistically emulated. That is possible both in motor or generator mode (4-quadrant mode). The emulation of the electric machine also encompasses all necessary sensors.

In addition, the open interface architecture enables easy connection of the Machine Emulator to an existing automation unit.

Technical data
Output power ±75 kW ±150 kW ±300 kW
Phase voltage (idle) 0 V … 560 Vrms
Phase current 600 A 600 A 1200 A
Emulated mechanical speed 0 … 300.000 rpm / poolpair
Stator winding resistance 0 mΩ … 1 Ω
Quadrature inductance 25 µH … 3000 µH
Options Interfaces: Ethernet, EtherCAT, DP-RAM
Models: PMSM, ASM, external model connection
Fault emulation: Machine, sensor systems, wiring harness
High Speed FPGA Interface
Separate DC output (e.g. for DC/DC converter test)
Map calculation
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