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Software Charging Discover

The Windows-based PC software Charging Discover not only enables a convenient test definition by parametrization of predefined test sequences but also provides an editor for the flexible creation of customer-specific tests. The test thus created is transferred to the Charging Discovery System (CDS) and runs independently. Use of the software is via application-specific user screens that provides the user with all necessary control elements and test parameters according to the selected use case (EV or EVSE test). Furthermore, the software includes all necessary functions for the visualization and evaluation of individual messages and measured values, and the automatic generation of reports.

The CDS can be used both as a standalone test system or embedded in a HiL test bench. In both cases, communication with the CDS takes place via a gigabit Ethernet interface.

In the first case, the Charging Discover PC software supports the user in test definition and control; in the second case, the HiL system can directly access the appropriate parameters and functions via the open interface.

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