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Software Energy Storage Discover

Extensive tests are necessary for successful development and production of batteries. This requires a test, control and evaluation software that offers the users a wide range of different options as well as an intuitive operating concept and also provides meaningful and reproducible test results.
The software application Energy Storage Discover (ESD) meets these high requirements. The software is being continuously further developed and adapted to new requirements based on continuous exchange of information and experiences with Scienlab customers. ESD allows time-synchronous control of all Scienlab battery test systems for cells, modules and packs as well as all test environment components and also permits validation of all energy storage types. Customized test scenarios can be created, edited, controlled and monitored. The standardized remote interface allows straightforward integration of test benches into a higher-level control and monitoring system.


  • Highest transparency
  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy-to-learn
  • Intuitive and self-explanatory test programming
  • Targeted evaluation without post-processing
  • Easy data evaluation by intelligently designed functions – already possible while tests are running

Test scenarios

  • Function, aging, environment and performance tests
  • Standardized and standard-compliant tests (e.g. ISO, DIN EN, SAE)
  • Determination of internal resistance, charge, energy, capacity, efficiency, cyclic and calendrical durability, temperature behavior and mechanical resistance
  • Analysis of durability, range and efficiency
  • Investigation of electrical and thermal properties
  • Electrochemical impedance measurement and cyclic voltammetry
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