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Software Lab Discover

The development and production volumes of energy storages, especially for e-mobility, are continuously on the rise. This requires ever larger test laboratories with a growing number of channels, which are becoming increasingly complex.

Scienlab offers the browser-based Intranet solution Lab Discover so that laboratory operators and employees can efficiently control and monitor laboratories and the growing test capacity. It enables employees to be supported in their work and their fields of activity to be coordinated. Test benches, measuring instruments, DUTs and other resources can also be managed, controlled and monitored in a targeted manner. The user‘s location plays no role in this: Thanks to Lab Discover, it is possible to take control from any location and at any time, thus offering maximum flexibility as well as time and cost savings. With extensive tools and a clear user interface, Lab Discover is extremely userfriendly and makes it possible for the user to work and test quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its modular structure and microservice concept, the Scienlab solution can be flexibly adapted to customer-specific laboratory and test requirements and interfaces. In the process, the user benefits from the extensive application knowledge that Scienlab gains in the intensive  collaboration and constant exchange with the customer.


  • Laboratory management 4.0 – automated, networked and intelligent laboratory
  • Remote control of the laboratory – independent of location
  • Easy and efficient working thanks to comprehensive tools
  • Optimal planning of test capacities and sequences

Manage the entire test laboratory with a single solution

  • User management
  • Order management
  • Resources and logistics management
  • Test bench management
  • DUT management
  • Test case management
  • Measurement data management
  • Communication
  • Laboratory statistics
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