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Voltage Ripple Generator

Efficient testing of line-conducted interference

The immunity of high-voltage components against the immission of line-conducted interference is tested by adding predefined signals to the high-voltage cables. This interference is defined by the draft standard ISO 7637-4. Its signal shapes A, B, and C correspond to the typical line-conducted interference in the real vehicle. In order to ensure an efficient testing of immunity against such disturbances, various tests can be covered with only one system, the Scienlab Voltage Ripple Generator (VRG). The VRG also offers the possibility to measure the interference emission of the high-voltage components and to record the interference with its negative and positive peak voltage in order to compare it with the permitted limits from the draft standard ISO 7637-4.

                                Signal shapes and interference according to ISO 7637-4
Signal shape A  Signal shape A represents the transient interference signals caused by switching between different loads.
Signal shape B Signal shape B emulates the interference signals caused by switching the semiconductors.
Signal shape C Signal shape C represents harmonic vibrations and harmonic waves produced by the grid or accompanying an electric motor.



Fields of application

The Voltage Ripple Generator can be used for the following applications:

  • Testing for immunity against the immission of line-conducted interference
  • Testing the emission of the generated disturbances with regard to defined limit values

Furthermore the test system can be used for all components which are connected to a high-voltage grid, are in the voltage range between 60 VDC and 1500 VDC, and are to be tested for immunity to interference sources to ISO 7637-4. Among other things, this includes components like batteries, BMS, inverters, DC/DC converters, on-board chargers, or charging managers for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The VRG can also be used for efficient immunity testing of components from other areas such as aerospace technology.


The Voltage Ripple Discover operating software is precisely tailored to the customer application and the desired test bench functionalities. The Scienlab software offers intuitive operation as well as easy parameterization and control and provides the user with meaningful and reproducible results.

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