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Testing charging technology

Flexible and norm-compliant testing of charging technology

To be able to ensure a successful charging process between charging infrastructure (EVSE, e.g. charging stations, wallboxes) and vehicle (EV), numerous stakeholders are required. Every one of them needs secured components, norm-compliant procedures and compatible technologies:

  • Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers
  • Certification bodies
  • Manufacturers and operators of charging infrastructure
    such as wall boxes or charging columns
  • Workshops

As well as power transmission, intercommunication between the system components is fundamental for an efficient and faultless charging process. Other factors are regional power grids and climatic conditions as well as compatibility with a large number of different vehicles.

The various demands for testing the components involved in the charging process require different focuses – from pure analysis of communication through testing the charging current in different power classes to independent testing of individual components of the electric vehicle during development. Scienlab covers the whole range of charging technology and infrastructure and offers modular, tailor-made solutions. Thanks to their modular design, the test systems can be upgraded at any time.

The Scienlab testing solutions cover the complex and multi-layered requirements of charging technology throughout the product life cycle. The charging modes supported include among others the current processes according to IEC 61851, ISO 15118 and DIN 70121. Thanks to the direct integration of energy-efficient and regenerative power sources, charging systems can be fully tested and certified for functional capability, norm compliance, reliability, robustness and interoperability.

Testing the charging infrastructure

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Testing the charging system of the electric vehicle

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Testing the charging components in the network

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