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Testing the charging infrastructure

Flexible interoperability testing of the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

The charging infrastructure (EVSE) has to satisfy extensive requirements before it is introduced to the market. Apart from faultless communication, power is a prime consideration. The challenges consist in the required compatibility with different vehicles (EV), charging interfaces and power grids. There is also a need to satisfy numerous international norms.

Apart from lab testing during development and production, the charging station or wall box also needs to be tested in the field if faults occur. That requirement is covered by the Scienlab ChargingDiscoverySystem and it thus forms the basis for a variety of tests. By addition of an emulated grid and electrical load, it is possible to emulate both communication and power in individual tests. The Dynamic AC Emulator and Dynamic DC Emulator are available for that purpose.

The tests are controlled by means of the Windows-based PC software ChargingDiscover developed by Scienlab. If required, integration in a HiL test environment is also possible.

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