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Testing components in the 48 V on board electrical system

An increasing amount of power is required for the electric drive and for assistance and convenience systems in hybrid vehicles. Established 12 V on-board electrical systems are pushed to the limit here, while a powerful high-voltage on board electrical system is relatively complex and expensive. This is why the focus is shifting to a 48 V on board electrical system as a promising solution.

During the development of components for the 48 V on board electrical system both individual consumers and the complete on-board electrical system wiring must be validated and fuse-protected before they can be integrated in the vehicle.

The flexible and realistic emulation of the 48 V on board electrical system using a Scienlab Dynamic DC Emulator represents a decisive competitive advantage for the development and fuse protection of the electrified power train. With powers up to 24 kW (modularly expandable), voltages up to 80 V and currents up to 1200 A, the emulator can be used to supply and test electrical consumers for vehicles. These consumers include assistance systems such as automatic start-stop or electrical steering systems.
The Dynamic DC Emulator replaces batteries of all kinds and is extremely energy-efficient thanks to its energy recovery capability. The emulation can be extended to such an extent that the behavior of electrical consumers such as the electrical heating can also be simulated. Emulator control and individual parameter setting can be carried out in real time using the customer's (HiL) automation unit. The open interface opens up an absolutely free choice in terms of battery model implementation. This allows the emulator e.g. to simulate different charge states and working points of a battery in a reproducible way and emulate the behavior of further consumers.

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