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Testing energy storages

Modern energy storage devices have to meet high quality and market demands: power and energy density, safety, durability and, last but not least, costs have to be optimized in order to survive on the market. For this reason, comprehensive tests must be carried out to ensure successful battery production.

Scienlab accompanies the entire development and production process of an energy storage device providing innovative test systems and the first-class ESD PC software: from cell chemistry research and development through formation of the cell to validation of battery cells, modules and packs including battery management system.

Scope of services

Scienlab offers customer-specific stand-alone solutions, integrated test systems up to ready-for-use test laboratories – from one single source:

  • Planning, organization and implementation
  • Integration of temperature and climatic chambers as well as conditioning of the DUT
  • Contacting systems for user-friendly DUT connection
  • Integration of customer chargers
  • Development and realization of comprehensive safety concepts
  • Commissioning, maintenance, calibration support etc.


  • Regeneration capabilities that ensure first-class energy- and cost-efficiency
  • Using the module as a cell test system and the pack as a module test system with a relatively constant measurement precision
  • Impedance spectroscopy in every channel
  • Synchronized recording of measurement data
  • Precise measuring technology for reproducible results
  • Modular concept for a flexible layout of the test environment
  • Continuous further development and adaptation to new requirements thanks to an intensive exchange of applications with customers

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