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Cell formation

For an energy storage device cell (e.g. lithium ion cell) to acquire the characteristics of an accumulator after mechanical production and to optimize the cell, it must be formatted by repeated and controlled charging and discharging.

In order to format cells in a cost effective and efficient way, Scienlab offers various formation systems. The modular structure of the systems has a flexible configuration that enables it to fulfill a range of customer requirements. Battery cells can therefore be formatted selectively in small numbers within the framework of research and development, or in a fully automated process during large-scale production.

  • Output voltage: 0 … 6 V
  • Output current: up to ±100 A
  • Current measuring accuracy: up to 5 mA
  • Stable, differential sense- voltage sensor, measuring precision: up to 1 mV
  • Temperature sensor in each formation channel


  • Efficient and cost-effective operation due to recovery capability of typically >94 %
  • Maximal efficiency especially in large-scale cell production
  • High measuring precision for a precise determination of the state of charge (SOC), charge balance, internal resistance
  • Active safety: continious monitoring of cell voltage and temperature, detection of wire breakage to prevent overcharging of the cell and automatical switch-off if thresholds are exceeded
  • Compact size for space- saving on-site operation
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