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Testing battery cells

The cell is the basis of every energy storage device and has a direct influence on the quality of the battery modules and packs. Therefore, it is essential to characterize the cells during an early development phase.

For this task, Scienlab offers extremely reliable test systems for precise and reproducible measurement results:

  • Output voltage: 0 ... 6 V
  • Output current: ±100 A, ±150 A, ±200 A, ±300 A, ±600 A (parallel connection for increasing current and power possible)
  • Current dynamics: -90 % - 90 %: 0.8 ms typ.
  • Voltage measuring accuracy: typ. 150 μV
  • Current measuring accuracy: up to 0.05 % of the measured value + 6 mA
  • 3 temperature sensors and 1 CAN connection in each channel


  • Efficient and cost-effective operation due to recovery capability even in terms of endurance tests with lots of channels
  • Modular configuration: any number of channels and adaption to changing requirements at any time possible
  • Convenient control and monitoring not only of the test systems but also of the components in the test environment (e.g. temperature or climate chambers) with the Scienlab software ESD
  • Precise characterization of cells by determining of internal resistance, efficiency, capacity, cyclical life span and calendar life, reaction to temperature changes, mechanical resistance etc.
  • Compact size for space- saving on-site operation
  • Optional: integrated Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) per channel – can be programmed directly into the test processes without changing the contacting of the DUT
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