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Testing battery modules

When battery cells are connected to modules, two products are created. Firstly, battery systems for 12 V or 48 V on-board power supplies, or rechargeable batteries for power tool applications, including all system functions, such as BMS. Secondly, a module is being developed that can be used as a component in a HV battery system for electric cars; these have a voltage of up to 60 V or higher. It may also be necessary to re-measure a single cell, if the results of the module test require this.

Both types of battery modules have to be tested in terms of their electrical and thermal characteristics under different climatic conditions and with the integration of all battery system components. The test systems for battery modules from Scienlab offer development engineers the best possible support in carrying out this task:

  • Output voltage: 0 … 20/60/80/120 V
  • Output current: ±100 A, ±150 A, ±300 A, ±600 A
  • Current dynamics: -90 % - 90 %: 0.8ms typ.
  • Voltage measuring accuracy: ±16 mV ±0,05 % of measured value
  • Current measuring accuracy: bis ±20/40/60/120 mA ±0,05 % of measured value


  • Efficient and cost-effective operation due to recovery capability even in terms of endurance tests with lots of channels
  • Extremely precise and highly dynamic measuring equipment
  • Using the module as a cell test system with a relatively constant measurement precision for testing battery cells with up to 6 V
  • Integration of the BMS: Synchronized use of the BMS values as variable or as switch-off criteria directly in the test sequence as well as direct control of the output source via the BMS
  • Optional inputs for chargers for investigation of interaction between battery and charger
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