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Testing battery packs

A battery pack is a complex system involving high voltages and currents, electrical and mechanical components, cooling system and a BMS. In order to draw conclusions about durability, range and efficiency, the communication, functioning, heating of the pack and the interaction of all components need to be thoroughly tested. For the analysis of system behavior, a realistic emulation of the future application must be created even before the first field application (e.g. driving and load profiles, reproducible electrical and climatic conditions). Consequently, the standards set for the test environment are high. Scienlab meets all the requirements and offers solutions which are precisely tailored to the customer's requirements:

  • Output power: up to ±360 kW
  • Voltage range: 50...1000 V
  • Current ranges: ±200 A, ±300 A, ±600 A (±2400 A when switched in parallel)
  • Current dynamics: -90 %...90 %: typ. 1.6 ms
  • Voltage measuring accuracy: ±200 mV ±0.05 % of measured value
  • Current measuring accuracy: up to ±40/60/120 mA ±0.05 % of measured value


  • Synchronized control of all components in the test environment as well as recording of their measured values & their use as a variable during the remainder of the test sequence: BMS, temperature/climate chamber and conditioning of the DUT, Scienlab Measurement & Control Modules for the recording of voltage, temperature and for the provision of all analog and digital inputs and outputs, Scienlab Test Bench Guard as higher level, independent system to monitor the entire test bench
  • Dynamic retracing of the sources: Set values and thresholds of sources (e.g. current, voltage, power) can follow the BMS specifications dynamically
  • Direct evaluation of data using practical analysis tools: high level of comfort and enormous time savings: no further post-processing is required
  • Virtually maintenance-free, durable and reliable test systems with energy recovery for cost-efficient operation
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