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Testing inverters

Inverters are essential components for numerous applications since they convert electrical voltage bidirectionally. One example is the conversion of DC voltage from a battery to AC voltage for an electric machine. An inverter is also required to convert the AC voltage from the mains supply into DC voltage for electrical consumers of a wide range of different kinds. This functionality makes inverters an important component in electromobility as well as numerous industrial applications.

In the automotive sector in particular, the requirements made on quality, durability and safety are extremely demanding. In order for these to be secured, all components are subject to stringent test requirements, throughout development to production. The earlier the tests can be performed during development, the more efficient the next development steps can be. Comprehensive test scenarios and independent component testing allow development expenditure to be reduced and innovations to be achieved faster.

Independent testing of the individual components with real electric power cannot be carried out using conventional test systems. This gap can be closed by the Power-HiL system from Scienlab.


  • Complete scope of standard-conform component tests
  • Efficient implementation of tests according to the V-model
  • Faster component development thanks to reproducible test cases
  • Efficient verification of the complete system possible through independent tests on each component

Application cases in the inverter test laboratory

  • Control algorithms in function development
  • Characterization of inverters
  • Use in different vehicle models
  • Standard-conform behavior in case of a fault
  • Reliability under permanent load
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